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Atomic cyclotron collider or atomic synthesis

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There is a research collider but what about allowing to players do it in macro scale? If two radbolts of equal value (to make it more challenging to achieve) collide at 180 degree then number of grams of specific gas, liquid, solid pile (if in vacuum) will turn into a heavier element, i.e. hydrogen into helium, oxygen into coal etc. Get to greedy and corium will turn into neutronium block. In addition to that the new element will rise in temp proportional to number of radbolts.

There is more to that. If radbolts are not equal and element is combined one then elements gets separated i.e. CO2 => C+2O. basig rule of temp rise and number of grams apply.

If none of above applies then just temp rise.

But that's not the end. If radbolts collide at different angle then 180 they can add or subtract but temp is given out unless they are at the same direction (impossible as speed is constant).

On top of above you could add a huge radiation spike in nearby area.

Implications to the gameplay:
Possible creating new materials unobtainable in other way.
Adding complexity of technology tree.
New source of power. Super high temp, but because of small amounts of elements it will be dispersed over nearby area. So it gives some but not in exact way as expected.

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they just added fallout gas creation to the radbolt collision i think. im not good enough with the game to try all the combination but maybe there is something we missed with fallout gas + another element...i hope to have a system that let the enriched uranium goes critical and fusion occur if some conditions are met...since we can only produce it we would have to store it very safely and we could use the effect for new machines

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