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I need help with recipes for my character

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When I create recipes in my

local master_postinit = function(inst)

I use the following code

  Recipe("redlantern", {Ingredient("rope", 1 ), Ingredient("twigs", 2 ), Ingredient("red_cap", 1), Ingredient("lightbulb", 1) }, RECIPETABS.SURVIVAL, {SCIENCE = 0})
 Recipe("bugnet", {Ingredient("rope", 1 ), Ingredient("twigs", 2 ), Ingredient("Silk", 1) }, RECIPETABS.SURVIVAL, {SCIENCE = 0})
 STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.BUGNET = "Un Red Para Insectos Simple!"
 Recipe("honey", {Ingredient("petals_evil", 1 ), Ingredient("petals", 2 )}, RECIPETABS.FARM, {SCIENCE = 2})
 STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.HONEY = "Sucedanio de miel!"

When I start my server, I choose my character and enter my recipes, they are working fine, but if I put caverns in my server configuration, I don't see any recipes created,

does anyone know what I can do?

I just want to modify the creation of recipes for my character of those elements.

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13 hours ago, decduck3 said:

Un par de cosas:

 - Las recetas deben definirse en modmain.lua, no en caracteres

 - Utilice AddRecipe en lugar de Recipe

 - Use etiquetas para restringir la elaboración

AddRecipe("honey", {Ingredient("petals_evil", 1 ), Ingredient("petals", 2 )}, RECIPETABS.SURVIVAL,  {SCIENCE = 0})

close the client

can you give me a basic example to restrict the recipe

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