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  1. AddRecipe("honey", {Ingredient("petals_evil", 1 ), Ingredient("petals", 2 )}, RECIPETABS.SURVIVAL, {SCIENCE = 0}) close the client can you give me a basic example to restrict the recipe
  2. what I want to do is something like this, my character collects 1 herb, in my inventory instead of receiving only a receipt 2. my character felling 1 tree, dropping 2 logs from the extra felled tree to the ground. When my character breaks 1 rock, there is a chance that he will drop 1 additional mineral or element (gem, stone, mandrake or other). explain me better this time? I'm a novice in moding but I'm still learning, I don't know many things, in ds many things work for me that in dst they don't work for me.
  3. When I create recipes in my local master_postinit = function(inst) I use the following code Recipe("redlantern", {Ingredient("rope", 1 ), Ingredient("twigs", 2 ), Ingredient("red_cap", 1), Ingredient("lightbulb", 1) }, RECIPETABS.SURVIVAL, {SCIENCE = 0}) STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.REDLANTERN = "Linterna Improvisada" Recipe("bugnet", {Ingredient("rope", 1 ), Ingredient("twigs", 2 ), Ingredient("Silk", 1) }, RECIPETABS.SURVIVAL, {SCIENCE = 0}) STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.BUGNET = "Un Red Para Insectos Simple!" Recipe("honey", {Ingredient("petals_evil", 1 ), Ingredient("petals", 2 )}, RECIPETABS.FARM, {SCIENCE = 2}) STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.HONEY = "Sucedanio de miel!" When I start my server, I choose my character and enter my recipes, they are working fine, but if I put caverns in my server configuration, I don't see any recipes created, does anyone know what I can do? I just want to modify the creation of recipes for my character of those elements.
  4. --==Now here is the other method that works in your character's prefab file==-- So, for the sake of the example let's say that you want your character to be able to craft twigs from a log and a razor. First, you need to know the prefab names of the items that you want to use, (That would be "twigs", "log" and "razor" for our example) then you'll be simply placing them into the "base code" that you'll find below. I'll provide you with a clean base code, same as an example one for you to see. (If you are not sure, or don't know what is the prefab name of the items that you want to use, then you can head to the Don't starve Wiki and look for them there. Once you find them check their "DebugSpawn" code, as this is also their name.) Base code (clean) Recipe("RecipeItemHere", {Ingredient("IngredientHere", 1), Ingredient("IngredientHere", 1), Ingredient("IngredientHere", 1)}, RECIPETABS.TAB, {TIER = 0}) STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.RECIPE_ITEM_HERE= "Your description here." Base code (example) Recipe("twigs", {Ingredient("log", 1), Ingredient("razor", 1)}, RECIPETABS.REFINE, {SCIENCE = 0}) STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.TWIGS = "Nicely shaped!" Place the prefab name of the recipe-item, ingredient-item(s), and the name of your character in the marked spots. The number next to the "IngredientHere" is the amount of that certain item that the recipe needs. The last line of the base code is responsible for the description text that will appear in the recipe window of the item. You can give it whatever description you like. If you want to add more ingredients or erase some to make the recipe need less, then add more/erase one of the parts: Ingredient("IngredientHere", 1) (You can compare the clean base code and the example one to see the difference.) The next part: RECIPETABS.TAB, {TIER = 0} ) Shows in which TAB the recipe will appear, and if you need to use a TIER for it or not. (List of TABS and TIERS is above) it doesn't work when placing caverns, what can I do?
  5. I want my character to cut a tree with 3 trunks, when collecting grass, he can collect 2 and when breaking stones have a variable percentage of choosing something from a list. I can't find a clear guide or reference for it, can someone guide me?
  6. check the data input to your variable or function, it has an overflow that generates problems, due to an error in something that you incorporated in modmain.lua
  7. Hi, I'm looking for a tutorial or very carved guide on how to put a hat and weapons on my character, can you help me? i speak spànish, you?
  8. How can I make a probability that by cutting down or killing a mob I get one item or another? randomly
  9. I like the idea of what they say but I don't understand how to do it and I need to add it to my project as well. Can you explain to me how it is done?
  10. I already have my pre-made character which is the basis for my mod. I want to incorporate, wands, swords, helmet and 1 space for new equipment. So, I need a tutorial that shows how to add the different elements and create them step by step and in detail, in the forum I cannot find how to do it and the ones I found do not explain how to join them to the created character or they are simply parts and not a complete tutorial, for which I don't understand well
  11. I already managed to solve the problem of variables for my functions, I no longer have errors. but I can't get those variables to save correctly I try to save in local master_postinit = function (inst) the following "inst.SaveVariable = savevariable inst.CargarVariable = loadvariable " the following example is excellent to make use in the functions of the variables use at the beginning inst.myvar = inst.myvar or (1) inst.myothermyvar = inst.myothermyvar or (1) and at the end of the function use return inst.myvar , inst.myothermyvar """the problem I have at the moment is the following.""" by making use of my variables and closing the client, the variables return to 1 and restart the cycle, because when the client closes the server it does not correctly save the values of the variables myvar and othermyvar, so they remain at 1 when reconnecting to the server. Can someone tell me what to do or how to do it since I don't know much and I want to learn?
  12. var = 0,5 ¿Necesitas ver mi configuración? client_log.txt
  13. I am missing something to use the variable created in a process of another function, I need to give it a value to multiply or add "example var + var = 1, var + var = 2, var + var = 4, when closing it, 4 should be saved, when start the client again, load the value 4 and continue var + var = 8 depending on what I try to do, it doesn't give me an error, just disconnect the server client log [01:01:20]: ModIndex: Load sequence finished successfully. [01:01:20]: Reset() returning [01:01:22]: Attempting to send resume request [01:01:22]: ReceiveResumeNotification [01:01:22]: Deleting user: session/315A20BA3AF06222/A7IHJVFHRSEH/0000000001 [01:01:23]: WARNING! Could not find region 'kira.tex' from atlas '../mods/TheKira7/images/names_gold_kira.xml'. Is the region specified in the atlas? [01:01:23]: Looking for default texture '' from atlas '../mods/TheKira7/images/names_gold_kira.xml'. [01:01:23]: Error Looking for default texture in from atlas '../mods/TheKira7/images/names_gold_kira.xml'. [01:01:23]: WARNING! Could not find region 'kira.tex' from atlas '../mods/TheKira7/images/names_gold_kira.xml'. Is the region specified in the atlas? [01:01:23]: Looking for default texture '' from atlas '../mods/TheKira7/images/names_gold_kira.xml'. [01:01:23]: Error Looking for default texture in from atlas '../mods/TheKira7/images/names_gold_kira.xml'. [01:01:24]: WARNING! Could not find region 'kira.tex' from atlas '../mods/TheKira7/images/names_gold_kira.xml'. Is the region specified in the atlas? [01:01:24]: Looking for default texture '' from atlas '../mods/TheKira7/images/names_gold_kira.xml'. [01:01:24]: Error Looking for default texture in from atlas '../mods/TheKira7/images/names_gold_kira.xml'. [01:01:26]: Movement prediction enabled [01:01:26]: Deserializing tile data (425 x 425) [01:01:26]: Serializing user: session/315A20BA3AF06222/A7IHJVFHRSEH/0000000001 [01:01:44]: [Error] Dedicated server process terminated prematurely. [01:01:51]: Connection lost to|10999 <2294595244016901265> [01:01:51]: [Connect] PendingConnection::Reset(true) [01:01:51]: PushNetworkDisconnectEvent With Reason: "ID_CONNECTION_LOST", reset: true [01:01:51]: [IPC] Unregistering handler for signal #00000FDC [01:01:51]: [IPC] Unregistering handler for signal #00000FBC [01:01:51]: [IPC] Unregistering handler for signal #00000DBC [01:01:51]: [IPC] Unregistering handler for signal #00000FD4 [01:01:51]: [IPC] Unregistering handler for signal #00000F54 [01:01:51]: [IPC] Sending signal... #00000EFC [01:01:52]: [IPC] Unregistering handler for signal #00000FD8 [01:01:52]: [IPC] Unregistering handler for signal #00000F38 [01:01:52]: [IPC] Unregistering handler for signal #00000FA0 [01:01:52]: [IPC] Unregistering handler for signal #00000ECC [01:01:52]: [IPC] Unregistering handler for signal #00000F50 [01:01:52]: Serializing user: session/315A20BA3AF06222/A7IHJVFHRSEH/0000000001 [01:01:52]: [Steam] Game Connection terminated (2130706433|10999) [01:01:52]: [Shard] Stopping shard mode [01:01:52]: ModWorkshop::CancelDownloads clearing all unfinished downloads
  14. tell me if i'm correct, a variable myvar is created to be saved in othermyvar so it can be saved just like the instantiated variable from maxhealth
  15. hola yo hablo español ¿Cómo puedo crear una variable de contador que se guarde y cargue al cerrar el servidor? i no speak english How can I create a counter variable that is saved and loaded when shutting down the server? --------------------------------------------------------- "inst.components.helth.maxhealth" is = max hp character in theory "contador" It is my variable to create, when using it locally it is not saved, it is only restarted, not like the previous one that if it is modified because it is saved and loaded in the function -------------------------------------- local contador = contador or nil local function subirnivel(inst) if inst.components.health.maxhealth >= (1) and inst.components.health.maxhealth < (300) then inst.components.health.maxhealth = (inst.components.health.maxhealth + contador ) contador = contador * 0.9 end end ------------------------------------------- my funcion save and load local function onsave(inst, data) data.maxhealth = inst.components.health.maxhealth or nil end local function onpreload(inst, data) inst.components.health:SetMaxHealth(data.maxhealth) end ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- alguien tiene un ejemplo de como crear una variable para usarla como contador para poder guardar su valor y cargarlo sin que se reinicie en tiempo real o al cerrar y abrir el servidor o partida. someone has an example of how to create a variable to use as a counter to save its value and load it without rebooting in real time or when closing and opening the server or game.