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Funny Buggy Wes in Adventure Mode

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I decided to finally unlock Wes in my game after all these years, even though I had no intention of playing as him, just because it was something to do that I hadn't done before. I quickly realized it would take me literal real-time days because of how unlikely it is for him to appear. So I started using console commands to quickly grab the four Things, go to the wooden Thing, and advance to the third level of Adventure mode, hoping against hope that it wouldn't be the Two Worlds level where Wes can't appear. (I got so fast at typing the word "teleportato," let me tell you...)

Anyway, finally, I got to a level 3 that was not Two Worlds. And I warped directly to Wes, mostly to check if he was even present on the map.

And Wes... was behaving a little strangely.


I don't know what caused him to have cardboard Bonesaw saws on his hands or to sprout a third arm. I honestly didn't know that the Bonesaw saws were even in single-player Don't Starve. I wasn't using any mods except for the quick drop mod, because I got spoiled by being able to do it in DST. Maybe it was all of the console commands I was using. But I was quite amused.

Just wanted to preserve this bizarre moment for posterity and the future amusement of whoever happens to stumble upon this, if anyone.

...Or maybe this is a known visual bug that can happen, and I just never heard of it before. ^o^;>

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