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About keeping the Eye of the Storm "rolling"

Will you keep the mysterious energy constantly activated by inserting all three altars?   

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  1. 1. Do you want to keep the mysterious energy constantly activated?

    • Yes
    • No

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(Sorry for the double post, I simplified polling options. Thanks for the feedback! :) )

I am thinking about keeping the mysterious energy active, but there are pros and cons. I was just curious about what the community thinks!

Will you keep the mysterious energy active? Why or why not? 

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I'm planning to build over the entire map and have lots of walls or mobs, so personally I won't risk it so I won't keep it activated. But while it was active, it was really nice actually! Never needing a light source is really handy and full moons have a lot to them (werepigs, ghosts, glommer, moon stone, hot springs, etc.). Gestalts aren't much of a bother and they don't attack you if you have the Enlightened Crown anyway.

I'd say if one is planning to keep their builds limited to just the oasis biome or the lunar island, both of which can't be hit by a moonstorm, it wouldn't be a bad idea to leave it on at all. Even then, if moonstorms hit your builds, they're not the worst thing ever. The infused moon shard patches from lightnings only deal damage, so only walls or mobs would be at risk. You can plan your builds with that in mind. The lightnings also only happen very close to the player and the damage they cause can be prevented by mining them.

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