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If You interested in having Admin on my Servers, Please Let me know.

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A lot of people have been asking me to give them admin on my new server (Boss Practice). So if you need it, ask!

The one thing you need to know is you are required to have the Too Many Items Plus client mod

Everything in chat needs to be appropriate and nothing toxic is allowed (this includes swear words, even small ones, I say wth because it says what the heck.)

Another THING!

Bosses are allowed to be fought anytime!!!

Use as much equipment as needed...


if you're not interested in admin, ask me for stuff instead (nope bad idea, start over)




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I admire your boldness to allow anyone to be an admin on your server, although I doubt we have any bad apples here; right?


I’d be interested in applying, but I’d like to know where the region you are hosting in is as to know whether or not I’ll have a stable connection, what use would an admin who can’t even connect be?

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