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New Celestial crafting recipes idea- New idols

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Unlocked after killing the Champion. All are used at the florid postern.

Idol with an orange gem- Teleports you to your choice of the lunar island, atrium(entrance), archives, or the ruins. Upon arriving there will be a one use portal that takes you back to the florid postern. 

Idol with a green gem- Randomly regenerates 5 of the non-renewable world spawners and plants that may have been destroyed on the map. Tall bird nests, hound mounds, reeds, etc. If everything is back the idol will not work.

Idol with a red gem- Gives the character a halo on thier head that gives 1 instant revive. (no skeleton or picking up your stuff, just instant revive). The player is revived with full stats. Does not stack, you have to revisit the upgraded florid postern.

Idol with a blue gem- The next hound wave that spawns have all the hounds turn to stone as soon as they arrive on screen. Does not stack.

Idol with a yellow gem- for the next 5 days 8 segments of daylight (4 min) are added to the day clock. There will always be at least one segment of dawn and night.

Idol with an iridescent gem- The player is immune to weather effects/rain/sanity auroras/ enlightenment inducing auroras and attacks for 3 days. 


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1 hour ago, Well-met said:

I like these, but there shouldn't be an easy way to go back after using a orange idol

Going back does make it a bit strong but if you to the lunar island... Then you're stuck there, haha. Makes it harder to get stuck.

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