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no drops from twiche for the last 3 months

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No drops from twiche for the last 3 months, 
I honestly watched my favorite streamers with drops and after x hours of watching I just got an icon today and I watched the previous drops for over 10 hours and I didn't get anything specifically a drop smite ning rod all 3 items and I didn't get one I expected it to be somehow late from twich but unfortunately I didn't receive the items and it was already after twich drop. 
thank you for your understanding I wish you a nice day
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With the new Twitch drops system, you'll have to go to your Drops page.
Can't find that? Try typing "Drops" in Twitch's Search Box. Should be the bottom one.

If you've already claimed it however, one guy posted here recently and they said re-logging into steam fixed their issue. < ONLY IF YOU'VE CLICKED [CLAIM]!

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