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Hamlet Entrepreneurs in the Constant

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Disclaimer: I not a request of a Hamlet port. Abandon hope while you can.

This is an idea I had for not too long but it felt like it might be really a fun thing to both lore and progression of the world you're in.
You have shopkeepers that decided they want to start their business in the Constant since it started getting populated by survivors that might have quite a few things to spare and sell to them or do tasks to bring them something from this realm they'd want.
The Entrepreneurs would join the constant on specific conditions that would secure their marketing spots that they could settle at and sell their things they've found that might interest the players for items that may be hard to come by in that specific mode like Survival.
It could range from simple items to things like tree seeds, berry bush/grass/twig starters that they could sell besides perhaps various seeds.
There could be gemstones, or machinery to help with watering or farming, ancient artifacts with perhaps a new feature I mentioned somewhere before to have as 'archeology' since I bet some pigs would really find interest in the history of the constant and ancients or the shadowy beings that corrupt the land.

The idea is to populate your world with sellers or creatures that may wanna live there and interact with you and others, make the world a livable space besides having simple pigs for farm. Maybe goat people alike from Gorge would join, boards as well to live in the constant finding it less threatening to their survival and live together with survival that would make them a land to live in and thrive on.

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