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combine automatic dispenser, conveyor loader and coal generator features

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First of all it is very annoying when duplicants put debris into automatic dispenser. Duplicant put something inside, it is dropped out. He take it and put back, and it happen again and again. Most probably you never saw how crowd from 20-40 dupes suddenly start to put stuff in it, despite priority is 1. It is complete disaster, it's pretty difficult to switch them to something usefull. It would be really nice to have same checkbox as in conveyor loader - "allow manual use".

Second, not so annoying, but still, conveyor loader can store 1000 kg, but send things in 20kg batches. Autsweeper can hold 1000 kg as well, but it will insert 20 kg. It would be nice to add same bar as in coal generator - "fuel request threshold".

And third - it would be nice to add "allow manual use" for coal generator. Actually, I almost never use coal generators with autosweepers, (when I have autosweepers I have better energy sources), but when I use it, sometimes I can see how duplicant run and put coal inside of it instead of autosweeper.


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