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I'm looking to maximise spool gathering, but I can't find any information on the Trade Inn rates, ie. the chance of a classy item traded from 9 common items, the chance of a spiffy item traded from common items, or generally Probability (9 items of type x giving one item of type y) for x, y belonging to common, classy, spiffy, distinguished, and elegant.

I understand many countries require these drops with a random component to have explicitly given loot tables, don't they? Unless those laws only apply if you have to pay for a drop? However, these drops certainly do have value since most of them are tradable and purchasable on the Steam marketplace, so would these laws apply for this condition then?

There is also the matter of Trade Inn drop rates being much higher during the Christmas and Halloween events. If someone has found the normal drop table and the holiday drop tables somewhere, please let me know, thanks.


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