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Maxwell's inconsistence about max sanity cap

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As you know, Maxwell can lower his max sanity by summoning shadow puppets. In this way he even can be permanently insane by summoning 1 tool puppet and 2 duelists. (The max sanity cap will be 20) But Maxwell still can be attacked by gestalts even his max sanity is so low. Even if his max sanity is 20, the gestalts still regard Maxwell as totally sane. This is strange because other objects and environments consider having 20 max sanity cap as insane. The obelisks work supposing he's insane, the enlightened crown doesn't work, and shadow creatures attack when his max sanity is low. It has been there since the first introduce of lunar island, but I didn't think it strange because I understood that lunacy works differently, but now it's obvious that it's inconsistent because the enlightened crown, which is the same "lunacy" technology, doesn't work as the gestalts do. I suppose this wasn't intentional from the beginning at all.

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Even though they've told me its for lore reasons I think it's an error on how the lunar island calculates his sanity: It considers that his max sanity is ALL the sanity there is, so when he locks at 20 sanity the lunar island considers that's his actual sanity pool. So he will be considered enlightened unless he lowers his sanity below 5.

IMO It's an oversight glitch, specific to Maxwell. He should be able to lock himself out of enlightment, just as he locks himself in insanity. It's one of his trademark perks since DST is a thing.

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