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Hello friends

I wish to impose upon you some more suggestions for this magical videogame

1. For jumps that give a passive speed boost to 3.70, please round it up to 3.75. It is a much prettier number :)

2. Sister NPC animations is bugged. When she swings from a bar her character goes in reference pose. Same for the dog sister.

3. Please make it possible to see the toy, level and jump ability of players in the scoreboard menu.

4. Please allow an option to not use a special jump ability at all. To compensate for this, perhaps have these perks :

  • Base speed is 4.0
  • x2 experience gain modifier

5. The game seems to lag when loading text subtitles for the first time. Very noticeable in the Intro.

6. NPCs like Hazard in Mountain Gauntlet seem to randomly lose their head sometimes.

7. If you grab a pole at the very bottom of it nearby the floor, you will sometimes automatically get killed to fall damage out of nowhere.

8. The Vault Jump has a bug. If you're at ground lava level and die next to a climbable prop, your game will be stuck in a half-dead state until respawn. It appears the game both tried to make your character climb but still died at the same time. You can even see your previous self character attempt to play a climb animation repeatedly until it vanishes.



9. Double Jump is in my opinion really not interesting or fun. It's the most powerful ability that breaks nearly all of the game (aside from vault) and yet it's very one dimensional and not very engaging. I don't know how it could be made better but I think there's alot of room for improvement.


Thank you till next time

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