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change how holding items works

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holding an item when the inventory is full and using rightclick makes the item drop. In dst when you have lazy explorer or pitchfork does the same, you drop the item when you right click instead of doing the lazy explorer/pitchfork action

in DS you use do the action which makes you wasting entire lazy explorers just trying to drop items. It wont be annoying if wasnt because i get used to dst controls, would be nice if both games have the same controls or atleast something in setting to change it

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1 hour ago, oCrapaCreeper said:

Wasn't that functionality patched into singleplayer? I know I can hold items in the cursor and pitchfork turf at the same time, unless you mean something different

That is the problem. You can use the pitchfork and hold an item because it works in other way than in dst. In dst you will drop the item instead of using the pitchfork. I want to be able to chose because im used to dst controls so when i play ds single player is so annoying to waste lazy explorer uses just trying to drop an item that i hold with the mouseĀ 

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