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[Sovled] how to make character gain sanity upon successfully catching a fish

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I tried this but it seems the reason "success" doesn't ever even get triggered even upon catching a fish with the oceanfishingrod

local function CatchFish(inst, data)
	if data.reason == "success" then

inst:ListenForEvent("oceanfishing_stoppedfishing", CatchFish)

anyone know what im doing wrong?

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It seems like "oceanfishing_stoppedfishing" is used for cases where the fisher fails to catch a fish.

I'd recommend taking a look at components/oceanfishingrod.lua at the CatchFish method.

Seems like it calls a function to indicate success when a fish is caught, so you might want to try overriding that function on your fishing rod.

Here's a rough example.

local oldfn = inst.components.oceanfishingrod.ondonefishing

inst.components.oceanfishingrod.ondonefishing = function(inst, msg, lost_tackle, fisher, fish, ...)
  print("Caught a fish!")
  if oldfn then
    return oldfn(inst, msg, lost_tackle, fisher, fish, ...)


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