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Doesn't salt form on the world used before the salt update?

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First of all, I'm using a translator, so it might be awkward.


I found a world that I used a long time ago while playing Beta this time ago.

So I'm playing the map. and I was going to make a box of salt.

But when I got half the map of the ocean, I felt strange.

I don't see any salt.

So I used the c_gonext"saltrock" command.

There was no reaction at all.


I assumed it was because this map was created before the salt update.

To do so, seaweed was created.

I understand that they were created after the salt update.

Doesn't salt update update content to old world unlike seaweed update?


Can we resolve this situation?

I could spawn them, but...

They are artificially created, so they will look very unnatural.


It's been 3,000 days in the world.

I don't want to create a new world.







I'm sorry. The command was wrong.

It wasn't "saltrock" it was "saltstack" ......


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Here's a tip: Try guessing out prefab names first, use keywords like "salt", "hat", "armor" etc. and suggestions will appear on top of the console box. If you can't find anything, you can always consult the wiki.

(Disclaimer, wiki is public and can be edited. Some info can be false.)

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