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Character suggection for a Bunnyman DLC Character

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Now I have always wanted a Bunnyman character in DST that would help people get used to the caves or for people who love to rush the ruins, as I will present some of my art it doesn't have to be used for this, it's more of an inspiration idea for Klei to get some ideas for a character like this. For this character she will have growth stages and warmth like Wilson's beard depending on the three stages, which goes lowest to highest being like Woodie's beard warmth, due to she will have an insulation no matter what as she is fluffy she over heats faster depending on what fluff stage she is in and take longer to dry off too. Since she will be another vegan she gets a higher boost in hunger from raw fruits and veggies providing a bit of a boost to encourage farming for that boost, when insane she will turn into a beardling and when she shaves has a small chance of getting nightmare fuel or beard hair. But when normal she provides a better and easier source for bunny fluff for people who don't want to kill bunnymen. Due to being a bunny she hops 10% faster than any survivor and has cave vision to see where she is going. When in the caves she gains a small sanity boost from being near her bunny folk who will automatically follow her around until the player leaves the caves BUT BEWARE! She HATES meat and will loose sanity at a rapid rate if she has meat on her or is force fed it as a last resort eat too much and she instantly goes beardling mode and goes crazy! All in all I don't know how balanced I made her as I know little to nothing about that, but I do like what I got for inspiration for you Klei.766062292_Willadrawing.thumb.png.d1154ffb2113663e83af80eed300750e.png




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