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Revert to previous build?

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Sent a support ticket about this and they told me they don't provide anything but account support.. despite there being options for things not account related.  They also directed me to the bug report section.. when I wasn't submitting a bug report. So, uh.. okay.

The game is crashing either on startup or on loading a save due to outdated mods.. which are for the build prior to the early April update.  Most of the mods I'm using, which are not updated even 2 weeks later, are the 'top subscribed' mods on the workshop.  So, I can't play my old save.


The old builds are archived on steam, but password protected for some reason.  Other games let you select the previous build, or numerous earlier builds (ie; Factorio).

I asked support for the password to access this previous version, but as I said, they provided no help.

Does anyone know the password to access the previous version(s)?  They already have the preview version unlocked, so it really makes no sense why the previous build isn't available to access to preserve people's current playthrough.

Really wanted to play ONI again, but I can't due to this issue.  Would've resolved it myself by manually downloading the old depot, but Steam made some change recently and the whole process became incredibly convoluted to do now, hence my support request.

If staff ends up seeing this thread, please unlock the previous build for access by everyone.  Nobody wants to lose their current playthrough because of a forced game update (thanks Steam).

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On 4/19/2021 at 3:13 PM, habuky said:

A little bit old, but it might help

Yeah, I know how to do the old depot download method, but as I said, Valve changed how the system works and as such that method is no longer valid.

This is a currently working method: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2353930763

But it's far more complicated, requiring a third party tool, and seems to require your Steam credentials too, something I really don't want to put into a random application as my Steam account is extremely valuable.

It's why I've asked Klei to unlock the previous version for access, as it's far easier and uses a function already built into Steam, which Klei already uses for preview builds.  There's no downside to this.

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