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  1. I had this too. You need to delete the 'screens' folder in RPG HUD\scripts\ to get it working again. It's not included with newer versions of the mod and the file left there is causing the conflict.
  2. Thanks for the clarification. Hopefully Klei can improve this so it only alerts people of the actual files changing. Keeping a notification showing the description and stuff changed is welcome, but it should really only ever send an e-mail alert if the files are updated.
  3. So I've been wondering for a while now.. why do I keep getting multiple e-mails saying this mod has been updated when there's only really ever been 1 update at a time? For instance, I received 3 e-mail alerts yesterday, one 2 hours before the other two. Are these hotfix changes to the files that are not getting documented? Do I have to keep re-downloading the file every time I'm alerted of an update? It's getting a tad annoying.. think I may have to just disable alerts and manually check the mods I'm subscribed to whenever I decide to play again. (Some other mods do this, but RPG HUD is by far the most spammy)
  4. Yeah, but you can workaround it by adding all the mods into one group/collection; each have their own 'subscribe' button but are listed right after eachother, like they are here. See here for an example: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=171475039 Course, that won't stop people from subscribing to all of them (or rather more importantly, activating all of them) if they have no sense.
  5. ^ The bar version is the one title 'neat'. This isn't the only mod that disappeared from the workshop. Wonder what's going on..
  6. What happened to the Workshop version of this?