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Willow need Rework(+ed?)纵火者薇洛需要重做

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4)薇洛可以在科技预算制作“ x”,“ x”可以被薇洛放到地上或装备到武器栏,当“ x”遭遇敌人踩踏(类似蜜蜂地雷的触发机制),“ X”将形成一片火焰区域,这将有效驱散怕火的邪恶生物。



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Translation (according to google translate with some edits due to me being inadequate at Chinese to English translation):


Willow as Don't Starve's: online version of the character, her unique immunity to fire damage mechanism and her partner Bernie the bear (Bernie) gameplay change are more special, but as a player, I want to talk about Willow’s partner Bernie the bear's (Bernie) trigger mechanism, which may be a bit harsh.

I hope that when facing danger, Willow does not only rely on the burning flames to disperse the beasts, but also is not friendly to construction units. Burning monsters are more likely to spread flames to construction units, causing players to spend a lot of time hoarding resources to rebuild burnt construction units. This brings a very unfriendly gaming experience to non-Willow players.

Therefore, here are some recommendations to rework Willow;

1) Before the danger comes, Willow can place her partner Bernie the bear (Bernie) on the ground and inspire her partner Bernie the bear (Bernie) through flames.

2) In the face of a chasing enemy (such as hounds), Willow can equip her partner Bernie in the weapon spot, and through an attack command, throw her partner Bernie or a water balloon at the enemy, and then her partner Bernie the bear (Bernie) turns into his huge form to take the initiative to attack the enemy.

3) When the partner Bernie is in a non-combat state, any character can "hug" him.

4) Willow can make "x" with the science machine, and "x" can be placed on the ground or equipped in the weapon spot by Willow. When "x" is trampled by an enemy (similar to the bee mine's trigger mechanism), "x" will form a fire area, which will effectively dispel evil creatures who are afraid of fire.

In summary, the arsonist Willow’s partner, Bernie, needs to grow into a partner who can truly face any danger with Willow together, instead of becoming a beast only utilised when Willow is about to become crazy (low SAN value threshold).

If this suggestion is adopted, or if you have any questions about this suggestion, please contact z1252470230@163.com


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