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Mined abyssalite doesn't warm up ?

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It's because of the formulas for heat transfer:


The effective thermal conductivity (TC) for a given interaction is based on the TC of both materials. (the constant k in the above link).  But different types of thermal interactions use different methods of combining the two materials' thermal conductivity. 

When debris interacts with a tile the effective thermal conductivity is minimum of the two materials TC's.  So on the left it will be abyssalite's TC of 0.00001 (it's not actually 0, they round it for display). And it will take approximately forever for the abyssalite to warm up.

When two tiles interact the effective TC is the geometric mean.  So on right the effective TC will be the geometric mean of 0.00001 and 80 (TC of steel) = sqrt(0.00001 * 80) = 0.02828427.   A little less than 3000x faster than on the left.

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