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Currently they are two separate things called "radbolts". Both the plasma-like bullets that fly though the air and the non-physical points collected inside buildings are called "radbolts".

This leads to nonsensical sounding statements like "a radbolt contains 50 radbolts"

I suggest the points be renamed to "high energy particles" (HEPs). And the bullets stay "radbolts".

"This radbolt contains 50 HEPs"

"The Radbolt Generator collects HEPs and fires them out in radbolts"

"It takes 10 HEPs to perform 1 point of green research"


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Uh that's more confusing, not less. 

All resources in the game are transmitted in packets. 10kg packets for liquids, 1kg packets for gas, 20kg packets for solids. The bullet things are just packets of radbolts.

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