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Idea for the new Wes as a boss manager

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I really like Klei's ideas for Wes and despite the stat nerfs, I think he's a more interesting character to try out now. I love the new speedy balloon and how it can be used to signal your position on the map for a while. I am not actually sure how useful that could be, since if I understood correctly, it only lasts 10 seconds, and a map can be so big that while you search for a balloon a friend has dropped (this, assuming your friend has dropped it), the balloon might disappear without you finding Wes, but it is still a nice Easter egg.

Anyway, what I would like to suggest is completely unrelated from this. Wes now attracts hounds from other players, and it got me thinking: what if Wes were able to also ensure that Deerclops and Bearger spawn on him during winter and autumn? It would fit the theme of Wes being plagued by misfortune, which we saw in the new short, and gameplay-wise, it would make sense to have a skilled Wes, so that when the time for boss spawns comes, the rest of the team can safely stay in base, without the risk of a new player not knowing about Deerclops' threat and causing base destruction due to that. Instead, if the Wes is not confident in their ability to bring down Deerclops alone, other characters could go with him to help, leaving the inexperienced ones at the base, but at the same time being sure that the boss spawns next to Wes.

This concept could be expanded even more if the aggro priority were transferred to raid bosses too, in which case, as long as a Wes is on screen, the boss would ignore all other players and focus exclusively on Wes until he dies. Stated like this, it actually leaves space for a loophole, where any Wes would be able to run in circles around Klaus and his deers, without the boss ever being able to catch up to him (at least in its first phase), and the other players getting free hits. The same could possibly happen to Dragonfly, if Wes used a speedy balloon, a magi and a road.
But this wasn't how I actually imagined it, and to fix it, Wes could have aggro priority as long as he has hit the boss during the last few seconds (e.g. if Wes hits the boss at least once in the last 5 seconds, the boss ignores other players attacking it and focuses on Wes). This may make kiting in multiplayer much easier, because the boss would keep solid aggro on the Wes and the rest of the team could keep hitting. Then, of course you'd want that Wes to be as heavily protected as possible, ideally with several bone armors to switch between. 
In this case Wes would really become a team asset: not in the way that Wigfrid and Warly do, as buffers, but as a manager that allows the team to stress less during the fight. Wes also had aggro priority in the Forge, and while Woodie was generally preferred, I always thought that was an interesting perk and I'd love to see it again in Survival, even if reworked to fit the different kind of experience that Survival is.

Opinions and other suggestions are of course welcome :D

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Having the bosses (deerclops/bearger) spawn in on Wes only sounds like a great idea! That way other player's can keep working on base/project's at base. It would make him useful in multi server's. Not sure about the perma aggro tho. Good idea's!

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