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Old bugs come back

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Last few days I've been playing and it seems to take ages just to pick up items like Seeds seems like the animation has paused, when I go to chop a tree my character just stands there till I click again and I'm presently moving to a bigger base so grabbing stuff from my old chests to move to my new base and last night I almost got to my new base and my character slid all the way back to my old base. Also seems to have a lot of skip backs where I'm running then suddenly I'm 5 feet back where I was. 

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Tengo el mismo problema en una base de 800 días, segurmaente te suba y baje el pin. Cree una base nueva y anda bien, pero la que tenía desde hace 2 parches tiene esos problemas de conexión. Ya reclamé y no he encontrado solución.

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