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  1. i continued playing my shipwrecked world after the new update came out, since i was waiting for the QoL update on PS4 for a long time. when i entered the volcano, it was generated like i was entering it for the first time in my world. well yeah, it indeed was generated from scratch. the map was gone and the volcano had a new layout. i thought "hey, if its only the volcano, that's totally fine." after leaving the volcano, this happened: thank god i have a backup of my save and can continue my world WITHOUT ENTERING THE VOLCANO =( but the question now is: is there a way to fix this?? i really dont want to abandon this world and start a new one.
  2. i'm not sure if this is a bug in general, an intended feature or just a bug in MY WORLD ONLY, but i can't harvest barnacles from sea weeds anymore without a razor. this occured after the 1.90 update.
  3. this already came with the wigrid rework lol, i was wondering why it wasn't mentioned anywhere
  4. Hello! You're right about the double "murder" prompt, just use the right D-pad to plant the flowers.