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  1. what? how? when i leave the volcano, the outside world also gets generated from scratch and i drown instantly after leaving the volcano xD
  2. i continued playing my shipwrecked world after the new update came out, since i was waiting for the QoL update on PS4 for a long time. when i entered the volcano, it was generated like i was entering it for the first time in my world. well yeah, it indeed was generated from scratch. the map was gone and the volcano had a new layout. i thought "hey, if its only the volcano, that's totally fine." after leaving the volcano, this happened: thank god i have a backup of my save and can continue my world WITHOUT ENTERING THE VOLCANO =( but the question now is: is there a way to fix this?? i really dont want to abandon this world and start a new one.
  3. its available now, at least in germany
  4. first of all, thanks for the answer! maybe you can try it and give some feedback regarding that. i just wanted to check again but it seems like psn or ps+ is having issues right now, i cant log in atm.
  5. @thecrash1973 have you also been unable to move for a couple seconds? happened to me twice in a row when i was on a boat.
  6. hello everyone! i don't know how many of you bother about getting all the adverts for lures by delivering seasonal fish to pearl aka the crabby hermit, but it seems like there's no heavy fallounders for the stupefying lure advert at all. there's usually at least one out of a group of 4-6 seasonal fish which will be accepted by pearl for the advert and it was working out for every other seasonal fish, but no matter how many fallounders i catch and try to give her, she won't accept any of them. it wasn't like this before and i really wonder if this might be a bug or just bad luck? best regards
  7. i'm not sure if this is a bug in general, an intended feature or just a bug in MY WORLD ONLY, but i can't harvest barnacles from sea weeds anymore without a razor. this occured after the 1.90 update.
  8. this already came with the wigrid rework lol, i was wondering why it wasn't mentioned anywhere
  9. this is true indeed, i got pretty unlucky with bees in my world even though i didnt change anything regarding bees in the world settings, so i only get wax paper from killing bee queen and klaus from time to time.
  10. what exactly do you mean by this? last time i sent a boat to the edge of the map, i later found it destroyed with the ingredients floating on the water ^^ wouldn't the same apply to other stuff on the boat? it was stated multiple times that lure plants don't eat them, also i dont know how to drop items into the water at all tbh.
  11. i'll give it a shot later edit: its like @shadowDigga said, ornate chests do work actually, the guardians large chest will drop them all when turning into a new guardian, meaning you can still find the fishing rods in his arena on the ground.
  12. @Warlockadamm that indeed is a good idea since i keep resetting the ruins after looting them anyway. thank you, i'll try that.
  13. sadly they won't. i tried anything else, they're eating it as usual. i even tried igniting other stuff next to the sea fishing rods, hoping for them to catch fire as well but nope lol
  14. quick question everyone, the amount of sea fishing rods is getting higher and higher because of sunken chests but i really dont know how to get rid of them. Lureplants won't eat them and i also cannot burn them, i'm on ps4 but i'm posting it here since i think it might be a problem on pc as well. i dont want to waste any deconstruction staffs on them. any other way i didnt think of?
  15. besides the weather pain not working properly on enemies, also the plank on boats is more than annoying. it always interferes when using oars or sea fishing rods =(