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You horrible people...Making a great game. So wrong!


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First off let me say from the moment I booted up this game I fell in love with the art style, then the gameplay.

After awhile I thought I had this down pat. First game, I was at day 25 thinking heh man this will go on forever.

I found a pig town, had grazing buffalo nearby, an entire field of rabbits near my first base camp. Two bases, two science machines, quite a bit unlocked, wood armor, spear, etc.

I had just dug up and replanted about 40 berryt bushes, grass tufts, and saplings near the pig town and made a large area of farm plots...

Life is good right? I figure for a first run this will last forever.

Then you get me, you evil vile devs. I give a couple pigs some meat and they help me chop some wood up. Then I set up by my campfire as night falls...

Always wondered why the moon symbol for nightfall was important....the two pigs transform into werepigs and I crap a brick...Wood armor was useless, spear was useless...All the night heard was my screams off in the distance...

Good play devs, good play. I had assumed I had it all figured out...Then you broke me down. lol

Awesome game, I am looking forward to more developement. Specifically I would like to see more forms of shelter.

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Hehe, those werepigs sure make for a very dangerous suprise. Still you know about them now, so time for the next playtrough.

Already onto it.

I was very SUPRISED and very very PLEASED to see my research stayed! This has made a massive difference as by day 3 I am looking good already lol.

Excited for this playthrough because its going to be a bomb. Also just discovered I can dig up graves. I got me a toy rocket? lol

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I have to say, for being the first play through, you survived quite a long time. But don't worry, from what I read you haven't yet uncovered all the secrets, you are in for a lot more surprises yet. And this is still a "beta", and it's considered by the devs to be only the "starting" part of the game. They are continually developing more and more things for the mid-game and end-game.

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