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A new way to transfer heat?

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You know how having a cloth with it's ends in a cup with water and a cup without will slowly transfer said water from one to another?

Apperently you can do that with temp using gas and/or liquid bridges, even through insulated walls. Will post examples in a moment.

P.S. The editing done here was so the images wouldn't take up as much space physical space.

heat example 1.png

heat example 2.png

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Yup, this has been known for quite a while. It's used in the heat exchangers for a lot of sour gas and petroleum boiler designs. Steel conveyor bridges will get you the most heat transfer and you can stack them with conductive wire and automation ribbons bridges, which can both be made of refined metal.


Edit: it's also why you don't want to have pipe bridges going across the wall of your turbine steam room.

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