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Pop Guy

Special items related to the DST lore.

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I think it would be wonderful if the sunken treasures actually contained... treasures. Unique objects, not constructible, perhaps linked to the tradition of DST or previous events.
I have a couple of ideas, but if you want you could create dozens of unique objects.

Ivory club:
"A club that belonged to a legendary warrior, forged by a thousand battles".
Base Damage: 59.5
Durability: 400
Can be repaired with Nightmare Fuel (1 fuel gives + 10% durability).
Special Effect: Generates a column of magma every two hits that hits each target in a straight line for 59.5 damage.
Second special effect (right mouse button): Allows player to rotate on itself hitting all adjacent creatures with AoE damage.

Crimson breastplate:
"A breastplate that belonged to a legendary warrior, who survived a rain of arrows so thick that it obscured the sun".
Protection: 90%
Durability: 2520
Can be repaired with Nightmare Fuel (1 fuel gives + 10% durability).
Special Effect: Absorbs 100% damage from ranged attacks (Underground Spider Spit, Bishops Electric Sphere, Moon Spider Crystal Spikes, Antlion Sand Spikes, etc.)
The armor, however, deteriorates.


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I realIy like your idea, both for nostalgia reasons and for the concept. The objects you suggest are very interesting and useful: I can already see myself raiding the ruins on Hornbeef, one of my two ornery beefaloes, while wearing that armor to prevent damages not only from knights and rooks, but also bishops.
However, I think there is a flaw: this item is good for solo servers, but given that don't starve together is multiplayer, it is a bad idea to make it so that only one of each of those objects generates in the world (assuming this is what you meant by "unique"), because only one player will be able to benefit from it at any given time. 
I was going to say that I'd forfeit it's ability to be refuelled in exchange for multiple to be able to spawn in a world, but actually I'm not sure about that: I don't really like looking for chests at sea, and if that armor run out of durability I wouldn't want to find a new one. Probably, making the armor not unique and at the same time refuelable wouldn't bee too much, especially compared with the bone armor, because the chests are a lot more annoying to seek and even a 10-15% chance of this item would make it rare. In this case, however, I'd reduce its durability to thulecite suit-like.
Your idea for the ivory club is super nice, the only idea that I'd feel like adding is to set a cooldown (maybe 5 seconds?) also for the second special effect.
I don't have any other ideas for new rare/unique items inspired from the forge/gorge or even DS DLCs that I'd like to add, but I'd definitely love to read more ideas from you and others :D

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