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Can I get islands on console please?

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18 hours ago, HowlVoid said:

An option that lets me toggle the world to not be attached and instead be sperated into islands. No mods allowed, I am on console.

I second this request.. you’d think that now that there’s boats in the game this would’ve been pretty high up on Klei’s list of priorities but two years after boats were added we still don’t have that.

The problem is pretty plain to see: the entire infrastructure and everything DST is designed upon was designed without an ocean and boats to sail places in mind so the results is one big cluster of biomes that can just be walked in between.

This game desperately needs to be more like shipwrecked (having to sail in between different areas for different resources)

However: Klei designs things based on content plans they have for the franchises future, so WE (the players) have no idea what their complete intentions are with these boats in dst.

We don’t know if they’re entirely novelty and optional (which seems unlikely considering that each update they add more and more structures intended for longer boating expeditions) OR if these boats are the future of DST and any and all future updates will be designed around them.

For all we know Klei could be planning to add more islands the same size and scope as lunar island each with its own biomes, mobs, habitats & hazards.

For now though.. simply breaking already existing biomes up so they’re not all one large cluster would help a lot until we (the players) can see their (Klei’s) final vision for what they intend these boats and various boat structures to be used for.

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