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An Idea for a airflow control tile.

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11 hours ago, alexkuzmov said:

Isnt this what we use the Mechanized Airlock for?

It wouldn`t drop solid stuff or let dupes through but otherwise it would work the same for the most part.

I imagine smart tiles as something lategame that could be automated via ribbon wires. Regular automation wire would just open them and close like airlocks. But the ribbon would allow to modify different paramters individually.
1st wire lets light through - green on that wire makes the tiles transparent
2nd wire lets gas through - green on that one changes it into airflow tiles
3rd wire lets liquids through - green on that lets liquids pass but not gasses unless the 2nd is also green
4th wire lets solids through - green on that lets pass and debris sink through the tiles, if others are red it doesn`t let gas or liquid pass at the same time

Multiple combinations would be possible but of course it would need some space materials to be constructed.

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