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Fix endless world generation

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sometimes when you make a world big or use big mods together or a combination of the two and try to generate a world the game will say its trying to make a world/connect server, but it actually isn't and it just endlessly does that until you cancel.


i experience this problem SO MUCH because i like to use both big mods and try to have my world on at least large so because of this whenever i have to disable a mod or change the world size to see if it will work I think it is but it isn't! Because of this problem it can take me sometimes a freaking entire HOUR!!! just to generate a world that will actually generate and not be an endless generating annoyingness :(..


so my suggestion is it would be great if the game can somehow detect that in fact the world is not going to generate and it just tells the player "sorry the world cant be generated. try again with different settings." that way it can save so much time instead of giving false hope that the world is being made and just wasting your time 

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if you go into the folder your worlds are kept in and open the server log for the world that is currently being generated you can see what is causing the issue and depending on what that issue is the game will tell you why it is not able to generate. when my worlds run long i just take the occasional peek in to make sure it didn't stop executing

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