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It is I once again,

The game is great but it is indeed rather short.

I've gathered some playtime to find out what would be decent things to suggest!



- Some computers load the maps so fast, it's impossible to read the tips shown during Loading. Please design a UI area for all those tips.

- Please have a way to list all existing stars. It's rather annoying when you're at 285, not knowing what you missed.

- "Explore" nodes should be immediately next to a world spawnpoint. It doesn't make sense this mode would be so far away, beyond off-limit barriers.

- A special reward for obtaining all stars for a map. Perhaps spawning in courses with a energy drink?

- A special reward for obtaining all stars in the game - perhaps switch out jump abilities to any toy you want? For example Hazard with double jump or sliding.

- Evil Hazard's purple skin. Somehow.

- A new "transport" - a skateboard.

- Please add teamwork related obstacles, such as the golden pin in Mount Vile Gauntlet. Force players to cooperate.

- A Tag mode but with other live players.

- A paintball gun mode. Could be its own course, or just messing around with other people.

- Fix surf mastery's 5 jumps challenge. It won't give out the star even when doing it as it says.

- Computer-controlled puppets stare at you, but if you go in third person mode they will continue staring at your camera position beyond your character.

- More maps and characters of course! But that is obvious.


feel free to add yours in here, on the off chance you stumbled your way in this ghostly forum

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