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  1. Hello all, we've got another group of fixes for you this week! Keep on jumping. Averaged out Poizones double jump speed. Slightly reduced walk speed while increasing the amount of speed she retains from double jumps. Fixed slight camera clipping issue when jumping out of slide with Sludge at high framerates Fixed player foley and boost jump audio being lost after watching some replays and spectates Fixed perfect jump meter dissapearing after spectating some players Fixed online players playing double jump animation when they shouldnt be Fixed online players sometimes playing multiple jump sounds
  2. There was a new star added in school when chase the grade became a trial instead of a course. 288 > 289
  3. Hello everyone, got an update for you today that fixes a few issues reported over the weekend. Keep using the in game bug reporter to let us know of things you find! Fix for character level text going off screen on some non english languages Fixed accessories with incorrect rotations on Sludge and Poizone Fix rotation issue with hanging meat on low settings in Wholesale Fix missing vent collision in Playground Updated credits
  4. Two new ways to play, new characters, new GAT cartoon, a new progression system with new skins and character trivia. A super-huge update for all our super-great Hot Lava fans! Along with the traditional assortment of fixes and optimizations, we have some exciting big additions. New Characters Bring on the bad guys! The diabolical duo Lord Sludge and Poizone make their Hot Lava debut bringing with them a whole new heinous set of moves. With “Poizone’s Pounce” players can defy gravity with a powerful double jump while “Sludge’s Slime Surge” gives players a surf boost wherever they want. Plus watch Sludge and Poizone in action in a brand-new G.A.T. cartoon playing in the Basement world. Toy Level Up Take your characters to the next level by collecting our glowing lava crystals: hit checkpoints, finish courses, and collect the new XP shards scattered throughout the game. Leveling up each character unlocks brand new items and features, including exciting new full-body Skins and lore-filled Action Files so you quiz your friends on G.A.T. trivia. Each character unlocks unique content so be sure to try them all! Take care, have fun, and stay off the floor! Detailed Patch Notes - 431329 Two new characters each with their own moveset: Slide Jump as Lord Sludge and Double Jump as Poizone New G.A.T. cartoon featuring Lord Sludge and Poizone playing on one of the TVs All characters can now earn XP and level up for new rewards New item type: Skins can now be earned and set per character in Toy Select New item type: Action Files can now be earned and viewed in Toy Select Change default gamepad bindings Refine default input tuning Improve appearance of stickers and emotes on award screen Minor visual improvements in Main Menu Leaderboards current selection is more obvious and can now scroll with gamepad/wasd Optimizations in Wholesale Numerous rendering optimizations Fix resolution settings not respected in certain cases Fix for error causing third person with missing head Fix replay ghosts not playing New lighting system New audio on Emotes and Victory poses Fix wrong dog appears in Basement Made ending of Intro consistently fade to black before returning to Menu New Toy Select menu music Other minor audio bug fixes Upgraded to Unity 2019
  5. Hi Gible, are you asking for Steam or iOS? On steam you cant reset all your data since some things like the items you've unlocked is kept on our servers. But you can wipe your collected cards and stats by deleting the contents of this folder. C:\Users\yourname\AppData\LocalLow\Klei Entertainment\Hot Lava On iOS you should be able to delete the local data in the iOS settings menu to reset your progress.
  6. Hello all, we've got another hotfix on reported issues from the last week while we continue to work on further updates. Stay toasty, or frosty if you prefer for summer! Fixed slippery poles in school vents that were causing accidental deaths Fixed some standable lava areas in playground Fixed some rock collision issues in basement dream house Ledge climbing camera and movement restrictions have been eased to allow more range of movement Vertical pipe camera and movement angles tweaked Increased surf minimum speed to prevent painfully slow surfs