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space map and groupings of planets

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my gripe is how it bothers me that the water planet is often far away and no planets nearby it.  if it's far away i'll just get the graphite and ignore it or if it's near another planet, i'll setup a smallish base and transport the water to other planets.  water is basically only for life support with some by products like power/hydrogen so why is the water moonlet so far away?  it feels like a waste seeing other people just ignore it other than for the graphite.  why setup a large supply chain and manage a dupe schedule when i can just make a wild arbor tree farm for free water, the trees are much easier to manage

can we instead get some sort of grouping of planets?  right now we get a main asteroid and everything is based on it, the pip/nuclear is a tile away, everything else is in rings away from it.  when i heard moonlets, i thought we would have a planet based it's positioning around another planet, instead i guess it's just a term loosely interchangeable with asteroids

i want the moonlets to be semi small and get a planet/asteroid as a parent.  such as the water moonlet a tile or two from the oil asteroid.  the swamp one to be seen as an asteroid with the frozen and molten asteroids as moonlets nearby.  even if i have to travel more between asteroids with moonlets or asteroid clusters, i'd be more inclined to set up a base for a transport hub than all these randomly placed ones that can be as sporadic as can be

i do think the nuclear/pip asteroid is larger than need be.  imo we should have 2 groups, asteroids and moonlets.  but, maybe we can get this size/world gen as another start option instead of terra/swamp as some may be against asteroid size changes

side rant:  idc about the gassy moo moonlet, the moos suck until they get a form of reproduction and are bad until they're balanced, gas grass requiring 20k lux makes them a pain and crap compared to solar, maybe if the gas grass required radiation instead of lux

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Yeah i got the feeling planets are too far apart as well. You need a lot of setup to get to the further ones which is fine but i wish some of the distant ones were somehow connected to each other. Like 2 distant planets having complementary resoures or for example the water one and the magma one being close enough to travel with a CO2 rocket between them so we could set up a base on the magma asteroid using the water from the ocean one.

There could also be teleporters between some of the distant planetoids especially if they are on different sides of the starmap.

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