Don't Starve Switch Edition Controls

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It's probably all right to call myself a seasoned DS player. I have like 3k hours on DS and DST combined, all DLC for DS and all DLC chars for DST on PC.

Now lets get to the issue I bought DS SE from the chistmas sale so I can play one of my favorite games on longer train travels and just wanted to test it a few days ago.

The abysmal controls ****** me over so hard, that i had to put it down after like 20mins, cause I was just confused WHY they were that way.


On PC the Q/E buttons rotate the map counter-/clockwise if you have the map open or not.

On Switch the L button rotates the map clockwise if you are on your normal view and counterclockwise on the map, R does the corresponding other directions, so even remapping my controler to get the expected direction doesnt work since one of the two modes will always confuse me.


On PC you can run around with WASD while selecting something in your inventory or crafting menu with your mouse.

On Switch when you open the crafting menu your movement controls are in the crafting menu so you can navigate the crafting menu and your inventory at the same time while being a sitting duck -.-' ...


Somehow I can't understand why these choices were made for the controls and remapping my switch controls cant fix them, since its hard coded coupled controls. Dunno if its just me since I have too much time with PC controls either so i thought long about even making this post...

Is it possible to add an option to resolve those issues?

I love Don't Starve and I love the great work you guys are doing at KLEI, thanks for the great games, but I m also happy that I didn't went with the flow and purchased Hamlet for Switch too -.-'

I hope that I will one day be able to enjoy DS on the go but for now with those 2 coupled controls it's just a NOGO for now.

Going back to a bit of Doydoy farming on PC, hope to see them in DST one day.

Keep up the the good work KLEI-Team the DST roadmap 2021 seems great.

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