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Discord bot that manages windows dedicated server (NO MODS NEEDED).

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Sharing a discord bot I made to manage my personal DST server that runs on a windows 10 PC, that doesn't require any mods on the DST server.

At the moment I'm not going to spend too much time with documenting it / preparing it for production (it works fine for my personal use case). If I get interest from this post I'll expand upon the code base to improve its structure as well make it easier to access/implement, I'll also write better documentation.

You are able to do basic commands such as "$startup", "$shutdown", "$backup" and "$restore" (I hope self explanatory). You are able to use a "$general" command if you wish to run any DST server commands as well.

The chat from the server is relayed to your chosen discord channel.


Here is the git repo: https://github.com/krthush/dst-discord-bot

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