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  1. The update today fixed everything. Thanks.
  2. I have offsite servers rented in several states and none of them are showing up.
  3. Same here, I am renting servers through gtxgaming and have no problems whatever so the past 9 months until October 5'th.
  4. Servers not being listed on master server.

    Same issue as all of you, servers still not appearing on the server list.
  5. What do you mean? Is there a workaround?
  6. No, the developer wrote that they are aware of the bug and will patch it in the next update.
  7. Great to hear! Thank you for all the hard work. We all appreciate it.
  8. Starting a new server does not fix the issue for me
  9. I am renting a few servers, but since this update, the servers don't appear to be starting. I can't connect directly and they don't show up on the server list. Here are the logs. server_log_master is a fresh world that has not been generated and server_logs_master2 is a world that has been generated before the update. server_log_caves.txt server_log_caves2.txt server_log_master.txt server_log_master2.txt
  10. Everything seems to be working now :). I think it's because I put the twitch category as don't starve together? Also @MinniBat Did you finish the Twitch tutorial to set up your stream? like changing the title of everything. That might help...
  11. Same, I got drops from yesterday, but wanted to show off the new content and let other people gets drops. I create my Twitch account yesterday, so not sure if that's the issue or not...
  12. I'm streaming but drops aren't appearing.... There's over 5 people watching, any idea how to fix this?
  13. Very nice, this looks awesome.
  14. Why do these updates force Server owners like myself to update them? Seems like they shouldn't need to be updated unless there is an actual game change.
  15. Just wanted to report a bug on the bundling wrap thing. After the update I could no longer make the bundling wrap even though I had learned it before. Yep I had been playing as Wickerbottom as well.