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  1. Thanks for the quick reply Scott. Shutting my servers down for now until the hotfix comes through.
  2. Maybe give wes a small chance to drop tools instead?
  3. You can also rename the old session file the exact same as the current one and replace the current one and it will load the old session. Though normally on server reset all the old session data gets deleted.
  4. This is very cool I may try to tinker with it. What exactly does backup do? Just saves an extra copy and restore restores that copy? Is it independent of the automatic backups?
  5. Very nice work sir. I use leveldataoverride(still works in latest update if anyone is wondering) so I can control stuff like roads and set pieces but this helps tremendously, especially if they ever decide to depreciate leveldataoverride.
  6. Don't get me excited I'll have to check it out thanks for the heads up. Edit: Unfortunately does not allow more spawns.
  7. I know it's a long shot but any chance we could get an option to allow generation in all biomes? My server group Diverse Survivors has relied on this for years and quite a few people including myself are a bit disappointed we won't be able to have different themed worlds anymore. I suppose I could get around it via mods or custom set pieces but it makes it much more difficult. Other than that it's very nice to see a bunch of new things to play with.
  8. "Starting today the Don't Starve Together Twitch drops will be taking a bit of a hiatus." " they'll be returning, but if everything goes smoothly it will be just a few weeks. *crosses fingers*"
  9. Some Mods don't work with caves. Plus Klei can't be responsible for third party software. Try it again with clean save and no mods.
  10. When the server fails to validate the ownership of a character like wormwood upon resumption of a character save it wipes the player's save and character files. The validation seems to fail during extreme network load and latency. I believe the exception handling for this needs to be addressed as a laggy server can potentially wipe player saves. The solution for a failed validation of an existing character save file it should just refuse the connection. Note: This bug happened with a server that was having a very hard time sending and receiving data. Although a server with good connection will probably never run into this issue it's worth considering a fix Below is where the problem happened. I used a few commands trying to diagnose the issue but nothing involving the network.
  11. I retract my previous statement, hopefully we just wait and see, though I'm not too excited about this. Edit: It's Tecent I don't have faith in, not Klei. Now that they own the studio they could turn around at any time and change things how they see fit.
  12. When you are over the ocean and you log out as a ghost, the next time you login you appear at the Florid Postern. Living player logging out over boats are not affected. Ghosts logging out over boats are not affected.