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  1. Yes it's a full list and kind of hard to read but definitely doable. If you want to spawn back in what they took you could just copy their inventory to your Id and when you log back in you will have the stuff they had.
  2. I think the easiest way around this is a script that regenerates the shards separately at certain intervals, thanks though.
  3. Hey, I ran into this problem before. I couldn't find a fix, apparently there's a bug in the code or something. If you want to make the server completely whitelisted however you can setup your own steam group and link it to the server and then only allow people from that steam group to join. Probably not what you're looking for since random people won't be able to join. But it works as a great whitelist.
  4. I cannot help you with that but I'd like to add on top of this, but there's a bug when you add a steam ID manually onto the blocklist, When you ban someone in-game and restart the server the blocklist becomes completely corrupted and a fresh blocklist has to be readded. As a server owner it's very frustrating to have to reboot the server everytime you ban someone in-game.
  5. Is there a way to link multiple master shards? I want to create a "hub" world where people can connect to other worlds(all with their own time/seasons, etc). I've seen the shard migration mod and I know how to link multiple shards but I'm getting stuck connecting masters, if that's even possible. I want to do this because the average player has problems getting to mid-end game content. It takes 160 minutes just to get to winter and by the time you build and prep a base you have to take a break and by the time you come back the world is wiped or you're stuck waiting for winter to go away. Nobody wants to play on regular endless servers because the whole world is stripped of resources within a day. I want to create a permanent world where people can build a base and gain progress while at the same time able to explore fresh worlds that respawn when everyone dies. I drew up a rough idea of how I want my world. Any ideas to make this possible? Thanks in advance.
  6. On the Wardrobe tab from the Main Menu the percentage for the skins you've unlocked appears to show an inaccurate number. See pictures, it should be 69% not 95 from what I'm seeing. Unless Woodie has a massive amount of clothing skins that contribute to his character I don't see how this is accurate
  7. I have offsite servers rented in several states and none of them are showing up.
  8. Same here, I am renting servers through gtxgaming and have no problems whatever so the past 9 months until October 5'th.
  9. Same issue as all of you, servers still not appearing on the server list.
  10. No, the developer wrote that they are aware of the bug and will patch it in the next update.