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Update (Xbox One)

  • Fixed the groomer and sewing machine burnt anims.
  • Ridden Beefalo's costumes work properly if their main build changes now.
  • Hitched Beefalo won't teleport to the owner.
  • Traps can now be picked up properly while riding a Beefalo.
  • Smoldering objects can now be smothered while riding a Beefalo.
  • Domesticated Beefalo will no longer turn feral if their Beefalo Bell bond is broken.
  • Fixed player badges from being missing in the server browser.
  • Fixed the Redeem Codes text entry box from failing to accept certain codes.
  • Fixed Wigfrid's Merrymaker hair clipping issue.
  • Fixed a crash after playing the contest several times.
  • Fixed a crash if there are more than 8 posts in a contest.
  • Fixed a crash at the end of a contest if you pick a fight with contestants.
  • Fixed a crash if the Beefalo got unhitched just as a player tried to groom it.
  • Beefalo now wake up to follow their bonded player if they go too far away at night, like Chester and Glommer.
  • Beefalo in heat cannot be hitched.
  • Adding Settings option to disable Moving Head Icons.
  • Fixed a bug causing stumps that decay to remove all the relevant items, instead of leaving one of each item behind.
  • Fixed Bundling Wrap from losing skin information when entering and exiting Caves.
  • Updating legacy Lunar and Valentine skins to Timeless rarity.
  • Beefalo no longer duplicate during a rollback while a player is riding them.
  • Beefalo no longer duplicate during a rollback if the Beefalo Bell is in a backpack.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to Hitch a Beefalo while not bonded to a Beefalo.
  • Fixed a crash on load if you had Amberosia in your inventory.

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