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Chaos world and missing options

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Before this beta, turning all options to lots would make a chaotic world that you would mess around with for a while and have a good laugh. Now everything is stuck in its own biome and/or clockwork setpieces which makes it too orderly. Perhaps a preset to ignore the new world setting rules can be made?

For the missing options settings; no wormhole option to increase/decrease the amount, Moose/Goose spawner option to increase/decrease how many spawners appear in the world, more options for the world itself beside branch/loop (perhaps a way to spilt the world to make it look like shipwrecked?), and finally more world size options for those who want to play on super tiny worlds or map filling ones with little oceans.

Anything I forgot to add?

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If they can change the option, I’m sure they can just add another option. None, less, default, more, lots, and add “everywhere”. I hope they do. 

One of my favorite go-to “fun” worlds was to set MacTusk to lots, and to have a nice quiet fall, followed by, “The Great Hunt”, where the only escape is down in the caves. 

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36 minutes ago, --- -.- said:

yeah, it's kinda sad can't make chaos worlds anymore... i had to much fun messing around with those lols

Console players never had the option: but that sounds like so much fun!

Dear Klei: Please spend two weeks of your time playing Spelunky, you sold me DS/DST as a game with randomly generated worlds, but these worlds aren’t actually randomly generated: a good bit of it is always in a predictable location every single time: and I for one would actually like to see a truly randomly generated world- One where I’m not GUARANTEED to even have a Pig King spawn on the map at all..

We want Chaos worlds- where random Swamp tentacle can spawn in Beefalo Savannah.. It may not ever be possible-

But you gotta admit that if it were: it would increase the replay value in the game indefinitely.

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