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Add an option to disable the text-popup when you have data collection disabled and client mod warnings and when you wanna make or go in an offline world

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I dont want to be reminded every single time "i cant use dlc charcters" and stuff when i boot up the game which is a lot if you make mods

the same with being warned I’m using mods every single freaking time as well as being told I can’t get skins when making an offline world.

it would be great if there can be an option to disable these pop-ups from popping up i’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to add, thanks :)

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4 hours ago, Well-met said:


if you can browse these forums for 3000 posts im sure you can spare playing online


First of all what you said has nothing to do with what I’m suggesting.


anyways, thought about this more it would be better if there was just one option to disable all disclaimers and pop-ups at least disable them after the player has seen them once.

Entire reason I turn off data collection other than the tencent stuff is cause I want the game to load freaking faster which it does by a lot especially when i dont have to try to connect to the klei servers for 10-20 seconds and these pop-ups are annoying asf wasting my precious seconds which adds up a lot when I’m doing something like modding or trying to fix a crash and have to boot up DST 50 times.

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