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Rocket burden, range and rover deployment should launch whole module.

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Rocket would come back shorter - solves the metal creation exploit with the rover lander module.  Either that or have the lander module explode or disintegrate. 

It could also decrease rocket burden mid-flight, but this burden isn't tied to anything but module limits. The last I checked it had no effect on the per tile movement use of fuel.

So getting rid of module or flying below and not "under burden" should have a positive effect on rocket range? Just a thought.

Pardon the wording, "under burden" usually means encumbered in aviation. 

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the module itself that lands with the rover is deconstructable, with it returning ore.

The module that stays on the rocket that requests ore for another rover ( I guess ), can also be deconstructed. You gain ore by interruption of that requested delivery and deconstruction of the module. As well as by deconstruction of the lander unit.

The deconstruction can be done with a broad selection box and the deconstruct all option.

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