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Processing organic elements

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Organic elements (seeds and arborwood lumber) do not melt so if you don't stay on top of processing them they often build up in your world beyond control especially as there isn't a way to automate the process so much.

One, which might be especially cool would be an Anaerobic Digester, which would be a way of generating natural gas and slime / polluted dirt.
(Kind of like an upgraded composter.)

Another for various organics wouldn't be a machine, but a process. Like making ethanol by gasifying organic matter at high heat in a vacuum.
(Currently those items that are based on genetic ooze are basically indestructible and can't be used in such a way, even if they can be processed in ways that would be, in theory, the same or similar.)

Additionally, using arborwood as a building material or processed into charcoal would be interesting too.

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In the dlc seeds can be fed to pacus. They might add that to the base game as well at some point.

The ethanol distiller already produces large mounts of dirt out of lumber. Natural gas can be made out of dirt, phosporite and pollutd water in the fertilizer makers (you can feed the surplus fertilizer to sage hatches). I wish we had an industrial way to produce slime though.

There are a few buildings that need lumber for construction. The hot tube and sauna. We could use tiles made out of it though. Truning lumber into coal could be a kiln recipie.

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