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Advanced resource management.

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Having different worlds in the dlc as well rockets requires us to transport small amounts of certain resources between worlds at times. The problem is that there aren`t any mechanics to control the resource flow. Adding one resource to the conveyor loader leads to the entire supply getting loaded into a rocket or teleporter. Setting a manual storage for each individual item with restricted mass is tedious and takes forever. There is no way to automate that.

My solution is a resource programmer. It would work like a conveyor loader but allow only a preset amount of each resource to be loaded to the conveyor system. Lets say you want to load 200 kg of algae, 800 kg of copper, 10 curative tablets and some seeds to a rocket. The programmer would only request the set amount of each resource. Then after you send the rocket you could reset the programmer via automation so it requests the same things again. It could be used to send different things through a teleporter and get reset every cycle to provide a continuous and controlled resource flow.

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