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Gifting skins in steam

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Depends on what skin you have in mind. There are 2 major "skin economies" in DST - the tradable skins, which you can purchase on the steam market. You would buy (or trade) the skin you want to gift, then open a trade with your friend where you put the gifted skin and take nothing.

The other major economy are the weavable skins - the skins themselves are not tradable. Almost all of these  weavable skins are obtainable as part of in-app-purchasable packs, but, AFAICT, these packs are still not tradable or giftable. Some of these packs are available on the Steam store as "DLCs" - finally, these are giftable. However, note that this applies only to "DLC" packs - there are "bundles" which represent some of the larger packs (Magma, Gorge, etc.), and AFAIK, these are not giftable - you would need to purchase the individual DLC within them. Oops, nevermind - bundles are giftable, as long as you are buying all of the contents.

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