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Variable win conditions

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My suggestion is to introduce a goal or win condition to the game at world generation time. Yes we have the The Great Escape / launching a duplicate to the Temporal Tear, but there are opportunities to have players push the limits of the game in other areas beyond liquid hydrogen production. Some specific suggestions:

1a. Deliver _ kg of _ element in {solid, liquid,
gaseous} form to specified {conveyor input, pipe input, vent input}. For new players you could set an easy bar such as producing a small amount of Oxygen. This might help make the game less intimidating to new players. For advanced players you could set the bar beyond what's needed for launching to the Temporal Tear. e.g. delivering some quantity of Rock Gas or Liquid Niobium.

1b. Similar to 1a but add some resource / building denial constraints. e.g. produce _ kg of oxygen without access to electrolyzers, algae/slime, or rust deoxidizers.

2. Produce _ kwh of power within _ cycles. For new players you could set an easy bar achieved with a few coal generators. For advanced players you could require multiple independent 50kW circuits of heavi-watt conductive wire.

3. Survive _ cycles given random condition or constraint. e.g. rising magma from volcanic biome. e.g. world with with no oil, no oil reservoirs, no leaky oil fissures, and no oily asteroids. e.g. new germ that's impossible contain (food poisoning, slime lung, floral scents, and zombie spores are too easy to contain for advanced players w/ atmo suits and liquid locks).

For some of the above also consider starting players at midgame or endgame rather than early game as appropriate so that players aren't always grinding through the basics before getting to the meat of a particular scenario.

Thank you for considering!

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I like your suggestions :adoration:

Here additional ideas, as I never activate win conditions in games as I play open end if possible in a game.

1.) Player can select if he only has to fulfill one or all win conditions or can mark goals as check boxes.

2.) Once the win conditions from 1.) are fulfilled, the player is asked if he wants to continue playing :confused:

Additional condition idea:

> Reach total combined electric power peak of 1 MW output with Steam Engines :rolleyes:

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