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Warly recipes not cooking?

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Hey, I've been playing DST for a while and it's my first time playing Warly. I know he's not the best character according to what I've seen on other forums and discussion boards, but I like the challenge he poses.

I AM having a problem though where when I make recipes in his portable crockpot, they're coming out as different dishes. Is it possible that a mod of mine is affecting this somehow? Or am I just doing something wrong?

To clarify, it's not every recipe. It's the ones that are specific to Warly and are only available to him in his portable crockpot. For example, I was trying to make Fish Cordon Bleu-- it requires 1.0 fish, and 2 frog legs. I placed 2 fish morsels and 2 legs in the pot, but when it was finished I got meatballs. Asparagazpacho turned into Ratatouille, Fresh fruit Crepes turned into fist full of jam.. What's happening here? I recall that during the first half of my game I was making things like Bone Bouillon, Puffed Potato Souffle, and Monster Tartare just fine. Was that just because there's no other food that could be made from those ingredients together? I feel like that's not true, because the Tartare could easily become Monster Lasagne. 

Please help-- I wanted to play Warly for a challenge and for the fun new things he could make. Without the new recipes, he's just kind of a pain.

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The Fish Cordon Blue/Meatballs may happened because Fish Morsel has a Meat value of 0.5 and thus resulting in Meatballs.

It would be helpful if you provide a screenshot of the recipe for the other dishes you made which are saved in the Compendium or at least tell what ingredients you used for them.

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Oh, that could be it. Server we're playing on has a lot of mods and I have client mods on too. I'll try asking them to turn off any new ones that've been added since I've been having the issue and remove mine as well. Will update in a bit!

12 minutes ago, Maybe a dog said:

Do you have any mods in your game? We had a similar issue, trying to make Trail Mix would result in Wet Goop or Fistful of Jam. Ended up being a character mod that was messing with the recipes.

This was the problem! The server had a quick crockpot pick mod on and it was messing with the Warly recipes. Thank you everyone who responded!

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