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  1. Spring: Plant parsnip and potatoes, spend the Flower Dance alone but get strawberry seeds for the following year. Summer: Plant blueberries. Autumn: Plant cranberries. Winter: Upgrade tools for the following year.
  2. Looks cleaner, features all the improvements from the new UI and covers less screen space. I really really like it.
  3. Assuming that its a hint of WX getting gadget (which, who knows, devs surely know how to deceive with teasers), I just wish it doesnt end up being another "Wanda stealing Maxwell's perk" kind of deal (even though Maxwell is still missing his turn), but with him and Loseona instead. I am not saying gadgets wouldnt fit WX, but I still prefer the idea of WX upgrading himself and hope for not using this as a justification for Loseona not getting better spotlights or something similar. Though it could also happen with Wilson, but I guess Wilson offers a lot more possibilities. And for the sake of ending it with a nice touch, I would rather Wilson be the closing rework. With him being the starter character, he should wrap it up. But, yeah, too early to tell.
  4. This is (to some people's dismay) intentional.
  5. He doesnt need the Wolfgang treatment. Just some minor number changes here and there. And maybe some different effects on his rarer ammo and changing up his bee allergy (removal or some kind of "allergy shot" that neutralises it temporarily).
  6. Nice. Since Kitschy Idols no longer spoil now, if we push a little more we might get a way to make Moonstorms not a daily nightmare for Woody.
  7. Would be neat to have Discord rich presence as well.
  8. Something quite odd happened the other day while playing with a friend. Spring had ended like 3 or 4 days before, so we headed to Antlion to kill him. Once we got close to him, the sandstorm suddenly stopped and it began raining heavily, Antlion had despawned and the bright summer filter went away (basically the game pulled back to Spring several days after it ended). We were really weirded out by this, we stayed around to see if anything changed. We then headed back to base and after a while the rain stopped and normal summer resumed (and went back to the desert and killed Antlion normally). I am pretty sure this was just a bug, but maybe someone else has experienced it as well?
  9. Im rather conflicted about this pseudo-tile (normal Killer Bee Hive + Grass set piece, but a Lureplant spawned on it). Not sure if its a really good one or a really bad one. On the one hand, the Eye Plants eat the bees, but I have to kill them to get rid of the hive. But by then the bees respawn, and then the Eye Plants also respawn. Im probably leaving it as it is... Anyway, I have fallen in love with this mod ("More Pets <3"). Lets you have a greater variety of critters available for adoption. Probably my favourite one is the Sharkitten.
  10. No. You can only fully destroy it and craft it again with new materials.
  11. Infinitely unless killed. In which case, you need to kill Lord of The Fruit Flies again for another one.
  12. I know its a Cast Away reference, but I just cant stop picturing picking up Wilson and using him as a bowling ball.