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  1. Im rather conflicted about this pseudo-tile (normal Killer Bee Hive + Grass set piece, but a Lureplant spawned on it). Not sure if its a really good one or a really bad one. On the one hand, the Eye Plants eat the bees, but I have to kill them to get rid of the hive. But by then the bees respawn, and then the Eye Plants also respawn. Im probably leaving it as it is... Anyway, I have fallen in love with this mod ("More Pets <3"). Lets you have a greater variety of critters available for adoption. Probably my favourite one is the Sharkitten.
  2. I would bet on WX just because of the story focusing on Wagstaff next and whatever he was doing with the Mysterious Energy. Since he is Wagstaff's creation, its almost a given.
  3. No. You can only fully destroy it and craft it again with new materials.
  4. The dislike towards WX seems real. Look at those numbers. Didnt vote for him.
  5. Infinitely unless killed. In which case, you need to kill Lord of The Fruit Flies again for another one.
  6. The last time I tried them, they worked fine-ish (leaving aside the times it nearly crashed my whole game). But it was with very few other mods and with me hosting. I tried making my friend doing it through a dedicated server and it kept crashing for him. However this was before the March QoL update. Might be quite broken right now, and it will most likely be worse when Eye of the Storm gets released.
  7. I know its a Cast Away reference, but I just cant stop picturing picking up Wilson and using him as a bowling ball.
  8. Yeah, you can... totally tell! *sweats nervously* Seriously, I cant.
  9. Ill contribute to the 700th page, not by adding a meme (since I cant think of any), but by adding a story. Ive always used the Inspect Bundle mod. When we got RWYS, I found a bug with it and seeds packaged. So I went to the bug report section, I typed the thread and everything, and just as I was about to post it, I realised. I was writing a bug report of a mod. I felt really dumb afterwards.
  10. I mean, that sounds like its intended. Maxwell's sanity is capped at certain percentages when minions are up, they dont change his max sanity. The crown requires 85% sanity. The least sanity Maxwell can lose is 20%, which means at most 80% sanity.
  11. The Wiki lists two commands you can use in the console to lock unlockable characters. I have never used them, I am not sure on how to use the second one, and I dont even know if they still work. But something is something.
  12. I dont think it needs regen, its already a lengthy fight as it is. If you want them to buff it, I would prefer if it used Gestalts more often, making sleep resistance food a lot more important for the fight. Or even passively spawning them around it from time to time, or a big one that explodes with a bigger range.