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GlomGlom Puft Skin

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was wondering if there is any way i could receive the glomglom pet puft skin. Apparently it is for owning Oxygen Not Included, however i am on ps4 and would glady somehow purchase the game if needed in order to receive the skin. Guidance would be greatly appreciated

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My guess would be that this skin is essentially "steam only" much like the pirate birdcage and mini monument skins you are supposed to receive for owning Shipwrecked or ROG. I have both these games/expansions on PS4 so logic dictates I should have those two skins but that is sadly not how it works. I am pretty positive that the GlomGlom skin is the same and can only be redeemed/used on the steam version of the game.

Apparently you aren't even given a redemption code for skins of this nature anymore and they just automatically redeem on steam so you can't save a redemption code for your console version of the game which was apparently possible in the past.

If anyone knows more about this and I am wrong, please correct me!

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