Wound should decay by half the amount of stacks instead of 1

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Wound stacking is mighty powerful, both for the player and the enemy. Double Dockhand, one of the more common enemy compositions, could liquefy any player thanks to the amount of Wound they inflict in combination with the Defense reducing debuff. And the same time, players have access to a wide variety of Wound stacking cards, such as Carve, Searing Bullet, Wounding Shot, Rib Cracker, Shatter, and others.

The proposed change would primarily affect the high count stacks (more than 3). Thanks to the game rounding the stack count up when halving, 3 Wounds would turn into 2 and then 1, meaning that modest Would stacks go unaffected; humongous stacks, e.g. 8 Wounds, would be reduced to a more reasonable amount every turn, which seems fair given the ease of Wound stacking.

As a side note, negotiation's Vulnerability seems like a more a balanced approach to on-target damage amplification, being limited to only 1 extra damage and the additional stacks merely prolonging the duration of the debuff. The Wound stacking change would bring the combat variation of on-target damage amp closer to its negotiation counterpart, at least in spirit.

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