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Spools and getting them.

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Hello. I have a very interesting and simple suggestion about spools in DST. My friends and I love spools and what we can do with them. But to sacrifice one item for another is somehow not good, we are not lucky enough for things from daily gifts. The suggestion is to add spools for a specific action: for example, you can get points for linking a Steam account to your site. Spools can be obtained in the same way. The main idea is this: somewhere I heard that Klei wants to add the purchase of threads for points on their site. My friends and I would like to see this as a currency exchange - points in spools and vice versa. That's all with this offer.
Now I suggest something else - it often happened that a person lacks a small number of spools for sewing some object, but there is nothing to cut. Many friends who would like to help this person - but it does not work. I suggest making threads an item in the Steam inventory and adding them to the exchange property, but not to the sale.
That's pretty much it. I am waiting for an answer, and I would be happy if this was added to the game.


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That is a definite no from me; Completely linking the website to Spool system will get it spoiled, since those points are earned by having media activity, that for now is limited! But think about what would happen if they expand the points system? yes, you could earn Spool for Streaming the game and stuff, and that means some users take advantage over others.

The much simpler solution is to lower the lost amount of Spool when sacrificing and item, meaning it will give back more.


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